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Swimming Australia Junior Excellence Program



The Georgina Hope Foundation Australian Junior Excellence (JX) Program recognises, rewards and encourages junior swimmers who, through the development of aquatic skills and fitness, achieve a high standard of swimming excellence. For further information CLICK on the LOGO below:

Swimming Australia’s annual JX Program recognises performances by swimmers aged 9-16 years between specified dates for the previous 12 months of swimming.

There are 5 levels of JX Awards— Legend, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Green for swimmers who achieved relevant qualifying times set by Swimming Australia depending on their best performance/s during the season. To qualify for an Award, swimmers need to be an active Swimming Australia member and swim a qualifying time at a Swimming Australia approved meet.  The JX Legend category is the highest award presented to swimmers who have achieved JX Gold level for 5 years or more and are 15 and 16 years old and raced at the Australian Age Championships in that season. Note: Once a swimmer achieves Legend status, they will remain in the JX Program until their 17th birthday, but will not appear on future JX lists.

Awards are based on a swimmer’s award age, not their current age. The Award Age refers to the age a swimmer was when they achieved their highest JX standard. 

Swimming Australia publishes annual JX Results on its website and updates each swimmer's Swim Central (MyLANE) avatar with a unique JX avatar. Qualifying JX swimmers also receive a JX pack including a certificate, swimming cap and other items.

The Australian Youth Performance Squad (YPS) was an extension of the Junior Excellence program designed to reward very talented swimmers aged 13-18 for their performances in the pool, at the time when the JX program focussed on swimmers aged 9 to 13 years only. The YPS was merged with the JX program as of the 2015/16 season.

Southside Aquatics JX achievers 2017-2018 season (1 May 2017 to 30 April 2018)


JX Legend Awards

                                   Louisa Ballard (13)                                       Aaron (AJ) Miranda (15)

                              Liam Peach (15)                                              Dylan Wilson (16)

JX Gold Awards

JX Silver Awards

JX Bronze Awards

JX Green Awards

Darcy Gurrieri-Hyland (9)

Jai Kordis (9)

Morgan Peach (9)

Talia Svarc (9)

Thomas Booth (10)

Jazmine Booth (13)

Jesse Coleman (13)

Bailey Day (13)

Patrick Lavin (13)

Mia Marks (13)

Benjamin Morris (13)

Jackson Clarke (14)


Olivia Lavin (9)

Harrison Brain (10)

Asher Eiby (10)

Abigail Reynolds (11)

Monica Svarc (12)

Caitlin Barry (13)

Olivia Lizana (14)

Fraser Toon (14)

Flynn Mulcahy (15)





Layla Prendergast (9)

Cruz Lizana (10)

Alyssa Salt (10)

Luke Beeley (11)

Ryan Kennedy (11)

Avan Eiby (12)

Chloe McNamara (12)

Oriana Brain (13)

Griffin Howlett (13)

Madilyn Weir (13)

Mia Hamilton (14)



Tessa Howlett (9)

Amali Kordis (11)

Melina Thompson (11)

Andrea Tomasovic (11)

Jorja Weir (11)

Jaidyn Carlyle (13)

Benjamin Eckersley (13)

Anneka Peach (13)

Andrew Kennedy (14)

Natalie Hay (15)

Christian Kemp Howlett (15)

Sophie Arthur (16)

Georgia Hamilton (16)

Caitlin Messer (16)

Congratulations to all of our Southside Aquatics award winners!


Previous Southside Aquatics JX Award winners